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The Gateway of Hope Addiction Recovery Housing, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation in central North Carolina specializing in long-term, post-treatment residential care home. Gateway of Hope’s twelve-month residential experience creates a dynamic culture of community peer support, and accountability.

After an individual completes a minimum of 28 days of treatment at another facility, GOH provides a safe and comfortable space where distractions are limited and the broken spirit can, at long last, find restoration. Our structured environment includes evidence-based practices, life-coaching, spiritual direction, counseling, work programs, support groups, social education, and exercise to help “wake up” to a new way of life. We strongly encourage all who come into our recovery program to think of themselves as taking part in a long-term commitment to their sobriety and an entirely different way of being.

This is sobriety re-imagined. And it starts with something as simple as a commitment to make your bed each morning.

Renovations underway at the Rec Center

Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe that lasting and full-person freedom begins with the renewing of one’s spirit, and that the mind, soul and body will follow. We stand on this promise of God,

“I will transform the Valley of Trouble into a Gateway of Hope.” (Hosea 2:15)


Gateway of Hope offers a holistic approach to addiction recovery in a safe

and intimate environment. The program also includes a 12-step program,

with a focus on openness, letting go of situations beyond one’s control, and

submitting to a higher authority. The main facility is set on 40 acres of land,

with homes for women 35 minutes away.

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